A Study in Crimean Tatar Embroidery
The Asiye-Zeynep Collection

Pouches and Covers

Pouch 01

Pouch (kese or kise) 01

Made of pink cotton (brocade), 12 cm wide and 15 cm long; the bottom of the pouch, consisting of a medallion embroidered on dark blue, satin cloth with metallic thread (gold) in Myklama or Dival style, in satin, chain and Turkic stitches.
See: Detail of the embroidered medallion.

Pouch 02

Pouch (kese or kise) 02

Embroidered on purple cotton (satin), 15 cm wide and 17 cm long; fragment (only one side of the pouch), embroidered entirely with metallic thread (gold strips) in Myklama or Dival style; satin and Turkic stitches; a flowery motif stemming from a heart, in Egri Dal style; with two sets of star and crescent, topped with a version of Tree of Life motif, also stemming from a heart.
Notes: The heart motifs, not normally seen in Ottoman/Turkic embroideries, indicate non-Muslim influence here. This pouch is associated with the wedding dress of Bahtile, who was married in Romania and is believed to be the oldest item in the collection, from the 1870s.
See: Detail of embrodiery at top, the Tree of Life motif.

Cover 01

Cover 01

Embroidered on cotton (muslin), 58 cm wide and 69 cm long; a Tree of Life motif with flowers and leaves, worked in double running and satin stitches in colors of green, red, blue, purple, fuchsia, black and metallic thread (gold strips); motif repeated 3 times along width of cloth; height of the embroidery from the tip of flowers to the end of cloth, 19 cm.

Cover 02

Cover 02

Embroidered on fine linen, 71 cm wide and 72 cm long; a floral motif placed in four corners only; worked in satin, stem, eye and Turkic stitches; cream, pink, purple, burgundy, dark and light green, and metallic thread (gold); height of the embroidery from the tip of flower to the corner of cloth, 14 cm.

Cover 03

Cover 03

Embroidered on linen, 34 cm wide and 72 cm long; a stylized Tree of Life motif worked in counted-thread style in colors of red, yellow, green and black; motif repeated 5 times across the width of cloth; height of the embroidery from the tip of the tree to end of cloth, 7 cm.
See: Full view of embroidered end of textile.

Posted: 10 February 2010

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