A Note on the Name Gaspirali or Gasprinskii

Ismail Bey Gaspirali (1851-1914) was known among his contemporaries as Ismail Gasprinskii or Ismail Bey Gasprinskii. The Turkic variant Gaspirali (or Turkish spelling Gaspıralı) and the Russian variant Gasprinskii (or Gasprinski) are derived from Gaspra, a small village on the Black Sea Coast of Crimea. His father Mustafa was born in Gaspra, hence the family name Gaspirali (of Gaspra). Ismail Bey himself used the Russian version—Gasprinskii. In Turkish literature, he is also known as Ismail Gaspirali or Gaspirali Ismail Bey. In Crimean Tatar publications today, one may also encounter the spelling Gasprinskiy.


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