"Celebrating the Life of Ismail Bey Gaspirali, 1851-1914" is presented by the International Committee for Crimea, Washington, DC. The Web project is a part of a number of activities planned in 2001 to observe the 150th anniversary of Gaspirali's birth, both in Crimea and Turkey. Another Web site, sponsored by the Emel Foundation in Istanbul, Ismail Bey Gaspıralı, 150 Yaşında includes articles and related information in Turkish.

The following individuals have assisted with the different aspects of this Web project:

Kemal Altintas, Bilkent University, Ankara.
Yakup Appazov, The Gasprinski Museum, Bahçesaray, Crimea.
Timur Berk, Istanbul University, Istanbul.
Giray Saynur Bozkurt, Marmara University, Istanbul.
Ozgur Karahan, Nortel Networks/Netaş, Istanbul.
Zafer Karatay, Emel Foundation, Istanbul.
Alim Memetov, Rebirth of Crimea Foundation, Bahçesaray, Crimea.
Ismail Otar, The Ismail Otar Library, Istanbul.
Metin Tekkalmaz, Bilkent University, Ankara.

Web Presentation and General Coordination: Inci A. Bowman, Washington, DC.

Home Page Illustration: Detail of an oil portrait of Ismail Bey Gaspirali. Courtesy of the American Association of Crimean Tatars, Brooklyn, NY.


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